Friday, February 25, 2011

saliha's birthday in advance!

it was an awesome night..celebrated bff's birthday in advanced at Malay Village Restaurant!
i am thinking to upload all of the pictures but it may annoy people to read and see.huahaha...
so i choose some of it!(tapi macam still banyak je..)
nah jom tengok!;)

birthday girl

since it was taken last week, and i just got it by today, feel nak menyusun semula gambar2 tersebut dah mati!!!hahaa..thanks leo sayang..sangat cepat kau upload.wahaha...
apepun,i wish u happy birthday one more time..and may Allah bless you..

...after celebrating her birthday, we moved on to Danga Bay (lagi).wasting times since it was saturday..hahaha..

end of the night...:)

p/s: tomorrow night maybe nak celebrate for my biras pulak..


  1. hamboi bukan men cepat kamu mgupdate yek..aku ni blum update lagi..dok donlod gmbo jek..hehe..blum ade sun nk menulis..hehe

  2. pantas dan efficient kn pekerja contoh.hahaaa