Thursday, February 10, 2011


we had spent times together on "free" weekends.and for sure we didn't missed the camera's times!

Location: Sutera Mall
at uncle Jo's Restaurant : feels the Chinese New Year!

menu for lunch~

my turn..

sila abaikan background!haha
tak banyak gambar sebab masing-masing sibuk shopping.. i've got a new heel, belt and purse.enough!(lagi lama lagi banyak duit habis nanti..)

Location: anywhere(otw to next destination)

Location:Puteri Habour
nice place!

a walk to remember.;)

tried to feel so cute!hahaa

forced to eat steamboat!(kalau x,lapar!)


free style!

ending photo!

promised my sis to home early evening.but...emm...emmm...sorry as usual!;)

p/s: next time kalau nak pergi puteri habour petang-petang.kalau tak nampak muka je seperti di atas..hehe

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