Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i wish i can have a better life. just like the others. which i can decide. which i can have my own money. which i can feels free. which i can do whatwever i wants.which i can go anywhere. and which i can stop think for a minute. but it is 'if and only if'. i felt it was unfair for me. but, it was my life anyway.

so, what was my current life is about?
i'm done with my practical. but i haven't time to keep update my blog as usual. so sorry.hehe. and while the rest have time doing part-time job, i'm just sitting home alone and baby sit a cute boy and a cute girl everyday. my pleasure..=)

and everyday i went to the hospital visit my father. every night i can say. huh! there's no joy. no happiness. no laugh. absolutely no no no.

i already sicked!

i think its better if i'm not going to know anything happen surrounding me.. so i can feels like 'im okay' and 'i'm good!' or maybe i can feels 'its perfect'!

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