Monday, January 31, 2011

orang tengok kita.

i'm waiting for a coming bus to get home..noticed that someone was looking at me all the time make me uncomfortable. but still acted like nothing happened..10 minutes later,the bus came and i saw that person was entering the same bus..whats next? i was sitting alone and that person sit next row in front...on my right..
keep looking at me..i tried to acted like sleeping...with a nearly closed eyes to know further...that eyes still stared on me....stared...and stared every seconds!
...actually that person was not a guy..but, only a little Indian girl...wearing sleeveless with a shawl on her shoulder..;)
i don't understand what she said to her mother. maybe she thought i slept already. she looked at me and get her shawl on her head. fully covered her hair with the shawl and  wreathed it twice. eh,what she was doing? emm...emmm....(thinking)...owhhhhhhh....then i know...she tried to wear the shawl just like mine...;)

~dress well or at least, just nice!
(orang tengok kita!)

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