Sunday, August 5, 2012

broken surprise?

here we go. for another entry. to fill my free time when i'm alone.felt alone to be exact. mahahaa..
this entry was about last birthday celebration of my boy. sad its not went so well. but still ok and im happy for him.

the real plan was i will go to Shah Alam to surprise him. with a Chocolate indulgence as his favorite cake,so, with my besties there, we were plan everything. until my leave was NOT approved! the peak period of Auditing very stressful. busy with the jobs, i plan something else. better than nothing.

then i came out with the most simple thing. its only thing i have time to plan while working hours.lunch hours. no big deal. this is the thing for him.

then i work up to get the address for delivery. huhuu...seriously i know its not valuable. but what else i can do with the distance?

And, fortunately i can't be there. cause he has more appreciable thing- surprise party from his besties i guess. with the Chocolate Indulgence exactly the same i planned. so i can say he was so lucky. be loved by so many people.

 frust? honestly a bit yes. because i wish to be the best for him. unfortunately i'm just NOT. forever not.
so, happy 24th birthday with love. you always in my heart. :)

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