Tuesday, July 6, 2010

all about the mid-term break..

supposedly i wish to had a great holiday...that's normal for all of us..plan something to do with family..enjoy and happy...but..what happen to me in this two months holiday??it just full of trouble and i don't know how to face..the biggest trouble is when my father  fall sicks..and we just in time noticed that,it came from somebody..it's hard to say..everyday,we need to beware of what happen next..take care of my father.try to help in any way to make him comfort..

i even wish to get enough rest during this holiday...enough sleep...but i can't.. i just can't do that....if i do so,i feel guilty to myself..to let my mum tired of all the things to do..while i being comfortable with myself..what kind of daughter if so...so what i do?? just give some help to make it easier for her.....stay home..but sometimes hang out..just for a while... i also being a babysitter for both of my nephews...it's fun...but sometimes become challenging to me..hahaha...why i said so? because both of them are very aggressive and stubborn..=p
I'm not good enough to be a story teller..but to share, i hope that i can be..
the best part of my holiday is when i had met my ex-school members..which we had a gathering..we enjoyed that night with the foods,chats and karaoke at Danga..hahaa..thanks to them which would be my friends till the ends..=))

there's lot story..but i had no idea actually..hahahaa..and now, i already in Shah Alam for the new semester..hopes, it will be going smoothly... and better than before..wish me luck!=p

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