Friday, September 16, 2011

sekitar perayaan..

this is dua minggu berhari raya sebulan tak bercerita. i wish i still have readers. and sorry for a long break due to lack of time and internet as well. nothing much to say because of my short term memory problem.huhu.. within 1 month i may have a lot of things to share but now i really cannot think of any.hahaa.. just to share some which stay and flying in my mind.

end of last ramadhan was so memorable for me. my siblings and i were together repainted our home. spent much times together was really relaxing me even it absorbed my whole energy. doesn't matter as long as im happy.

this Eid is different from last year. i really had a great time. with family and even friends. but, i dont have any pictures with my family cause they were so busy. and so i.

this Eid is also maybe the last celebration with my bffs. Le'o will get marry soon. year it will be only three of us. me,combi and amy. and as for my Segamation friends, i hopes we can celebrate together for the next next and next till the end..and love will never ends.

so, enjoy some of pictures taken during the Eid. but, just a few cause i really got no time!

the most gorgeous pic sebab macam bercahaya gitu.aha
on the way nak beraya rumah bekas cikgu kami
amy's house
amy's room


 kawan-kawan uitm Segamat punya turn pulak::
on the way to Batu Pahat
rumah masrija
belakang: dijah & erny
tengah: akulah tu
depan: fana & masrija

kepochi kuasa 12

rumah erny
artis tambahan: cik ju di tengah + baby & koko di belakang.

rumah kilabee
spacial thanks to cik ju, mak masrija, makcik eta and mak kila yang masak sedap-sedap. jumpa tahun depan. and double special thanks to dijah sebab sediakan air masak..hahahahaha!!!

almost 1week i have been in Shah Alam.i already miss my home, family and friends. but i really hopes that i can have a great time this semester.because life is not about anything to regret! just enjoy it!

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