Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dikejar waktu~

nearest ages!
it is happening right now.
i'm telling you this because i'm feeling bad of my ages!
last time, when i was 17 years old, i proud!
young and freedom.

and when i'm studying for a few years, i still felt the same.still young i guess...
nothing to worry about..
nothing to seriously think of...
and just follow the flow....
im doing my practical for 6 months..with 7 others.
some of them came from poly and younger than me..hahaa
when they started to called me "akak" erkkk...its awkward!
so i rationalize myself...Alhamdulillah..i'm ok with it....;)
so now i know that im getting older..

lack of times to have fun...
people started to ask this kind of questions
"bila nak kawen"
"awak dapat orang mana"
"bila nak makan nasi minyak"
"bila nak tunang"
"dah ada yang punya ke belum"

what should i do?
i'm sick enough!
sick of that kind of questions!
sick of getting older sebenarnya!hahaaa
sebab kawan-kawan dah sibuk-sibuk nak kahwin..
nanti mesti sampai giliran saya pulak....
tak boleh terima hakikatlah...T_T


  1. jgn risau..usia hanya pada kite sentiasa mude la za..hehe

  2. hati tetap mude ea bi?haha

  3. fyza, mmg dh tua.. cpt2 ar kawin..haha

  4. ye nnti fyza nk make sure dija kawin dlu ea...hehee